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All prospective & current clients, we thank you for visiting the Dog Woods website. Only a few of our services are currently listed on the site with adequate descriptions and pricing information. This website has several features the previous one lacked. Because of this, I decided to publish the partially completed project. I anticipate all of our services & classes will be properly outlined on the site within a week. Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon.


Michael Eddins

-posted on Thursday October 11th, 2018

Dog Training in Memphis Since 1972

Obedience Classes

Dog Woods most popular service is our training classes in which you and your dog attend class together once each week for one hour

Fast-Track Obedience Training

If you would like to drop your dog off for professional dog training in Memphis, we have two options. Dogs enrolled in the Camp Program stay at Dog Woods for three weeks. Additionally, we offer Day Training which allows owners to leave their dog with us for the day.  You choose the dog's curriculum for any day they attend

Fun Classes

Agility and Scent Work classes are fun activities for both dog and owner

General Info Video

The video doesn't include detailed information about our services, but it gives prospective clients a general idea of what Dog Woods does. It also provides a view of our training building. It's also worth noting that this promo video is several years old.

Contact Us

To Talk With A Trainer

You will always speak with a trainer (Donna Eddins or Michael Eddins) when contacting Dog Woods. We don't have a receptionist. Often times, our hands are full with classes, private lessons, and dogs staying on-site to be trained, If we don't answer the phone, please don't hesitate to leave a voicemail. We prefer phone calls, but we're always happy to receive emails at

Dog Woods Training Center

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