Obedience Training Classes

Why Attend Training Class?

An obedience training class is by far our most recommended service to prospective clients wishing to teach their dog the basic manners necessary to be a good house pet. Training classes are designed to teach you how to train your dog. We take a dog participating in class, and demonstrate a given skill. We discuss how and why we are using the method while you are able to watch us work with the dog. Following a demonstration, we have everyone in class do the same thing with their own dog. We move around the room offering help to those who are struggling. 

 Many people assume that the best way to get their dog trained would be to attend private training sessions. While private lessons can be greatly beneficial, they lack a key element that group classes provide. Being in a group class provides the element of distraction. The distractions are so extreme in a group class that you will rarely encounter a situation in which your dog is more distracted. Teaching the dog in this environment prepares them to listen to your commands even when they're "busy" or excited.


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