What Type of "Fun Classes" does Dog Woods Offer?



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Advanced Obedience

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Donna's Border Collie, "Teaser", exiting a tunnel at Agility Trial

What is Agility?

Agility is an obstacle course in which you guide your dog over ramps, through tunnels, between weave poles! If your dog is easily motivated by toys or treats, enjoys running, and has a high energy level; then Agility is likely perfect for you

Watch our agility students

Agility Services

Dog Woods offers Agility training classes which range all skill and experience levels.  For the first-timer, we have a "Beginner Agility" class which gets you well on your way to enjoying the exciting sport of Agility with your dog.  Additionally,  we have various levels of "Advanced Agility". Whether you're  looking to compete or just have fun with your pet, Dog Woods has the Agility Class for you. 

Class Schedules

Upcoming Local Agility Trials

We are aware that some clients are interested in Agility, but aren't sure what it's  all about.  Or, perhaps you would like to witness a trial first-hand before getting involved. Click below for upcoming Agility Trials that will be held within reasonable driving distance.  Because we have numerous students competing,  we will also list their accomplishments at the show after it has ended in the same section.

Local Agility Trials

Agility Class Schedule



New class starting Saturday November 17th at 1 P.M. 

Four week course pried at $100


Advanced Agility


Advanced Agility Classes are held on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6 P.M.

Prerequisite of Beginner Agility & a basic obedience class

Dog Woods Agility Students

Agility Trials

Friday October 12- Sunday October 14


All day

Shelby Showplace Outdoor Arena

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Friday October 12- Sunday October 14


Watch dogs compete for placements and titles in the sport of Agility. The Shleby Showplace Outdoor Arena driveway is the same one you would use if entering the Agricenter via Germantown Parkway.

All day

Shelby Showplace Outdoor Arena

Scent Work


What is Scent Work?

A relative newcomer to dog sports & activities, Scent Work was designed as a fun way to  pair your dog's natural instincts to hunt with their amazing scent detection abilities. In the first stages of training, dogs are simply taught to find a hidden treat. The treat, being out of sight, forces the dog to use it's nose to discover the treats location.   Once this is mastered, we begin pairing the treat with a specific odor (typically a drop of essential oil on a cue tip). Over time, the dog begins associating the odor of the essential oil with receiving a treat (i.e. "when I find this scent, I always get a treat"). Once this association is firmly established, the odor can be hidden by itself (no longer paired with a treat). Owners can then reward their dog by handing them a treat once they have successfully identified the hide's location. 

Video of scent work

Why Would I Want To Do This?

I rarely get this question, however it is one I asked myself upon first hearing about Scent Work. Primarily, people do this activity because the dogs simply love it. Its fun, its easy to teach, and its a great way to bond with your pet. I still find myself blown away by the calming effect scent work has on hyper dogs, as well as the dogs that are "always into something". The concentration required by the dog for a successful search really does drain their energy level. In describing why an overly-active dog would benefit from Scent Work, I often say " People who have jobs involving physical labor throughout the day are obviously tired when they get off work. People with a desk job who exert very little physical energy at work are also tired. The difference is being tired because of physical demands vs. mental demands. Our pets need more of the mental demands". We often see dogs that can run for an hour and still be bouncing off the walls, yet half that amount of time spent on Scent Work has them exhausted.

How Do I Get Started?

Dog Woods has an Introductory Scent Work class that runs for six weeks priced at $150. The class curriculum assumes the dog has no prior scent work experience. Following the Intro Scent Work Class, our advanced scent classes run for four weeks priced at $60

Scent Work Class Schedule

Scent Class Schedule

Introductory Scent Work Class


Six week course which gets dog & handler started, and well on their way to enjoying Scent Work. Mentally challenge your dog while bonding with them in a new way which rewards them for using their natural instincts. Fun. Easy.

New Class starting Monday November 12th at 11:00 A.M.

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Advanced Scent Work


Take your dog's Scent Work skills to the next level. With their amazingly keen sense of smell, the possibilities are endless. Outdoor hides, buried hides, finding items that were touched by their owner, and more!

Scent Work Video

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