Camp Program


Dog Woods' Camp Program is an excellent training option for clients who are too busy to attend, and practice material from a training class each day at home. Dogs enrolled in the Camp Program stay on-site at Dog Woods for three consecutive weeks. "Camp Dogs" are trained several times each day by Donna and/or Michael Eddins.

 Have a long trip scheduled in which you need to your dog? Make this time away from your pet beneficial. Take care of your training & boarding needs simultaneously at Dog Woods by utilizing the Camp Program!

Training The Owner


Private Lessons

It is imperative that all clients who enroll in Dog Woods' Camp Program make the time to attend two hour long sessions with the trainer. In these two lessons we will display what your dog has learned, and show you how to get them to perform the skills for you. Typically we have the owner come in about half-way through the three week program to get their first lesson. The second lesson is given when you pick up your dog to go home.

Free Classes for Dog's Lifetime

While very few clients who sign up for the Camp Program end up taking advantage of this perk, it is one of the most advantageous things you can do to get the most out of your training. By attending a group class after your dog completes the Camp Program, you will learn the details & rationale behind the training method we use.

Camp Program Pricing