Camp Program

Have Your Dog Professionally Trained

Dog Woods' Camp Program is an excellent training option for clients who are too busy to attend class, and practice the material from class each day at home. Have a long trip scheduled in which you would be boarding your dog? Make this time away from your pet beneficial. Take care of training & boarding needs at Dog Woods by utilizing the Camp Program.

What Will My Pet Learn?

Dogs enrolled in Camp Program will be learning all the skills they need to be a great house pet. We teach them basic commands (i.e. sit, stay, down, come, leave it, loose leash walking, heeling, etc.). Additionally, impulse control is worked on extensively. Most dogs we see simply don't think before they react to over-stimulating situations.

*Note: It's rare for us to see a dog who doesnt know several words, such as sit. However, having vocabulary & being trained to respond to commands are two very different things.

A Typical Day for Camp Dogs

At Dog Woods, you can feel assured that your dog is being given quality care by experienced individuals. Someone is on-site overnight so there's no need to worry about an emergency occurring without someone available to resolve the issue.

We have outdoor runs and indoor kennels. Are outdoor area is covered which means they can be outside if we have some drizzly rain without getting wet. In the summer time, having the area covered prevents them from being in the sun. When it is storming or excessively hot/cold, your dog will be indoors. Throughout the day all dogs staying at Dog Woods are rotated every few hours between their outdoor run and indoor kennel (weather permitting). We typically feed twice each day, but are more than happy to accommodate whatever feeding schedule your pet is familiar with.

Training sessions run for 30-45 minutes each. "Camp Dogs" are given three training sessions each day, typically early morning, lunch time, and early evening.

Training The Owner


Private Lessons

It is imperative that all clients who enroll in Dog Woods' Camp Program make the time to attend two hour long sessions with the trainer. In these two lessons we will display what your dog has learned, and show you how to get them to perform the skills for you. Typically we have the owner come in about half-way through the three week program to get their first lesson. The second lesson is given when you pick up your dog to go home.

Free Classes for Dog's Lifetime

While very few clients who sign up for the Camp Program end up taking advantage of this perk, it is one of the most advantageous things you can do to get the most out of your training. By attending a group class after your dog completes the Camp Program, you will learn the details & rationale behind the training method we use.

Camp Program Pricing